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P229 P228 Billet Aluminum Base Pad

- BLACK - Matte Finish

- Silver - Matte Finish


Designed specifically for SIG P229/8 13 & 15 rd. 9mm and 12 & 10 rd. 40s&w , .357 SIG magazines. Does not change capacity of your magazine.



 - will also work on 'internally' restricted capacity magazines (CA, MA, NY etc) as long as they have 'regular metal rails' at the bottom. However,  they will NOT work on restricted capacity magazines if they have the 'large plastic plug' at the bottom of the magazine. (Please see the last image in the Image Gallery above).


  • Replicates the look of the 'impossible to buy' P229 'Sport' base pad.
  • Fits 9mm, SIG 357 and 40 SW magazines
  • Will fit P228 as well as P229 Magazines, however will NOT work with old P228 magazines  that have a 'zipper style' or the 'dovetail' seam along the back side.
  • Replace your plastic pad with this quality metal alternative.
  • These high quality base pads are made out of billet aluminum and assure a perfect fit.
  • The front shape of these basepads nicely ties into the countour of the front strap of the pistol.
  • Slightly extended base pad will ensure a better firearm purchase
  • CNC-machined from billet aluminum, anodized.

SIG P229 P228 - Billet Aluminum Base Pad


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