SIG P226 - Plus-2 Base Pads for 15 /17 / 18rd 9mm as well as 40sw magazines 


Two finishes - same as X5/X6 German pistols:

 - Aluminum "Silver" finish

 - Black Anodized finish


  • For ALL P226 models: Elite, DASA, SAO, Legion, X5, X6 etc.
  • Increases capacity by TWO more rounds in 15, 17 and 18 rd magazines
  • Will work with factory SIG, MecGar and ProMag magazines:
  1. SIG Factory 15 rd 9mm magazines
  2. MecGar 17rd 9mm Mgazines
  3. ProMag 18/20rd 9mm magzines used on P226 Tacops
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for 18rd Mecgar 9mm (will fit but will leave a gap)
  • Will not work with dedicated 10 round restricted magazines.
  • However, will work with 10 round magazines that are 'restricted to 10 rounds' and originally started as 15 or 17 rd 9mm magzines.
  • Will work with Hogue 'Magrips' and SIG factory magwell.
  • Will also work & look perfectly without a magwell.
  • These high quality base pads are made out of billet aluminum and assure a perfect fit without the large gap that some versions of factory or other aftermarket companies' base pads give.
  • The front shape of these basepads blends nicely into the contour of the front strap of P226 pistol.
  • Each base pad comes with M2 x 6mm set screw.
  • 0.89mm wrench provided with 'each order'.
  • Please note that the magazine retention plates are not to be used with these base pads (please see the last picture in the above picture gallery)


  • CNC-machined from billet aluminum
  • Made in USA


 - will also work on 'internally' restricted capacity magazines (CA, MA, NY etc) as long as they have 'regular metal rails' at the bottom. However,  they will NOT work on restricted capacity magazines if they have the 'large plastic plug' at the bottom of the magazine. (Please see the last image in the Image Gallery above).

SIG P226 - Plus-2 - Billet Aluminum Base Pad for 15/17/18rd magazines