SIG P226 - Plus-2 Base Pads for 15 /17 / 18rd magazines


Two finishes - same as X5/X6 German pistols:

 - Aluminum "Silver" finish

 - Black Anodized finish


  • For ALL P226 models: Elite, DASA, SAO, Legion, X5, X6 etc.
  • Increases capacity by TWO more rounds in 15, 17 and 18 rd magazines
  • Will work with factory SIG, MecGar and ProMag magazines:
  1. SIG Factory 15 rd magazines
  2. MecGar 17rd Mgazines
  3. ProMag 18/20rd magzines used on P226 Tacops
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for 18rd Mecgar (will fit but will leave a gap)
  • Will not work with dedicated 10 round restricted magazines.
  • However, will work with 10 round magazines that are 'restricted to 10 rounds' and originally started as 15 or 17 rd magzines.
  • Will work with Hogue 'Magrips' and SIG factory magwell.
  • Will also work & look perfectly without a magwell.
  • These high quality base pads are made out of billet aluminum and assure a perfect fit without the large gap that some versions of factory or other aftermarket companies' base pads give.
  • The front shape of these basepads blends nicely into the contour of the front strap of P226 pistol.
  • Each base pad comes with M2 x 6mm set screw.
  • 0.89mm wrench provided with 'each order'.


  • CNC-machined from billet aluminum
  • Made in USA

SIG P226 - Plus-2 - Billet Aluminum Base Pad for 15/17/18rd magazines