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Sig Sauer P365 "XL"Pinky Extension WITH ADAPTER for 10 Round Magazines. To be used ONLY with P365 XL or P365 X farmes


  • ONLY for 10 rd magazines that came with a REGULAR P365 (NOT XL or X)



Will work ONLY in P365 XL grip modules and ONLY with original REGULAR P365 (NON-XL) 10 round magazines.

  • NOT for regular P365 12rd or 15rd magazines
  • NOT for XL 12 rd magazines
  • NOT for 10rd restricted "XL" magazines


NOT for regular P365 XL 12rd and 15rd magazines. NOT to be used with P365 or P365 SAS grip modules FOR XL GRIP MODULES ONLY.


Did you switch from a regular P365 grip module to XL module and now your stock 10rd magazines are collecting dust? These specially-made base pads/adapters will make them useful aagin in your "XL" grip module.



If you need a pinky extension for the 10rd P365 magazine (last picture in the above image gallery) please CLICK HERE.


This magazine extension will add a useful pinky finger extension for a more secure and comfortable grip. Additional benefits in control of recoil and muzzle flip, as well as improved stability resulting in more accurate and consistent shot placement.


Made in the USA from high-strength and impact-resistant nylon polymer. Precision distortion-free additive manufacturing method assures perfect fit and alignment. This material's specific combination of mechanical strength and flex coefficient offer excellent breakage resistance in hard use. While this material is very strong and will easily withstand an occasional drop, these base pads are not meant to be used for competition or practicing with repetitive drops.

Sig Sauer P365 "XL"Pinky Extension WITH ADAPTER for 10 Round Magazines


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