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Sig P210 - PLUS-1 Base Pad (IDPA/ESP Legal)


TWO versions are available:

  1. For all 3 US-Made P210 Models (Target, Standard, Carry)
  2. For German and Swiss models with FRAME magazine release

(will NOT work on Swiss P210 pistols with the heel magazine release)


This base pad will increase the capacity by 1 round. With a modification of your magazine spring and the follower (US models), the capacity can be actually increased to 10 rounds. (we suggest that this is done by a gunsmith or an Armorer to assure reliability).


Please note that the magazine retention plates are not to be used with these base pads (please see the last picture in the above picture gallery)


Works with Target as well as regular grips. These base pads look and fit great with all Armory Craft US- P210 grips. 


Perfectly fitting base pads made out of solid aluminum billet and finished in durable hard anodizing. Fits only US-made Sig Sauer P210A models. Replace those cheap plastic base pads on your P210 Standard and increase your capacity at the same time!


Regular Armory Craft base pads made out of solid aluminum billet and finished in durable hard anodizing that do not add any capacity (last image in the above image gallery) can be purchased HERE.


Armory Craft Sig P210 PLUS-1 Base Pad


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