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* We now offer holsters that accommodate all of your favorite Armory Craft upgrades for the Sig Sauer P365/P365X/P365XL family of pistols, including compensator, extended magazine release, Wilson Combat grip module and skeleton slide.  Please CLICK HERE for more information. *


Not compatible with the P365 California Compliant Variants


Wilson Combat Reg. P365 or SAS, P365X, P365XL Grip Modules




- All XL grip modules will work on P365X and P365XL guns

- You can use the longer P365X/XL grip modules on your regular P365 or P365 SAS guns as long as you get THE LONGER 12 rd 365X/XLmagazine (or 10rd but still longer P365X/XL magzine in restricted states.)

 - if you have only the 'shorter" 10 rd magazines from regular P365 or P365 SAS and you want to use the longer X/XL grips, you can use our adapters for these magazines.

  • Please CLICK HERE for the adapter for Wilson Grip mudules.
  • Please CLICK HERE for this adapter for factory SIG mudules.


Please read carefully when making a selction from the drop-down menu. Please call us if you have any questions or if you are not sure which grip module to order or which base pads are compatible with which grip modules.


Please also consider Wilson Combat Style pinky extensions by Armory Craft with matching texture (2nd image above). Currently only for XL grips that hold 12 rd (10 rd restricted X/XL magazines). Coming soon for regular P365 size 10rd magzines soon.



Please accept our apologies, but we are not able to accept any discount coupons on WILSON COMBAT products due to manufacturer's policies. If a discount code will be used during checkout, the order will be cancelled and will need to be re-submitted. Thank you.


The following variants are available:

- Regular P365 Black - NO SAFETY (365-SB)

- Regular P365 Black - NO SAFETY (365-ST)

- P365X, P365XL Black - NO SAFETY (365XL-SB)

- P365X, P365 XL Black - w/ MANUAL SAFETY (365XL-MB)


We are also offering these Wilson Combat P365 grip modules in various Cerakote colors with additional laser texturing for improved grip. (Please see the images and the drop-down menu above).


(IMPORTANT - Tungsten weights are NOT included and can be purchased separately from the above drop-down menu together with Wilson Combat style base pads as well as the extended magazine release button.)


Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the Extended Magazine Release buttons that are compatible with all SIG P365 and Wilson P365 grip modules. (Last picture in the above image gallery)


The stock factory magazine release button is included and packed separately by Wilson Combat.

Wilson Combat Reg. P365 or SAS, P365X, P365XL Grip Modules