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Armory Craft Extended P365 Magazine button (+2.0 mm) with Checkering for ALL P365 models: 365, 365 XL, 365 SAS, 365X, XMACRO including ALL Wilson Combat P365 grip modules.


IMPORTANT: Please note that while the factory X-Macro/P365 Legion magazine release button is extended over the classic P365, P365X, P365 XL button, the Armory Craft Extended magazine release button is enhanced even further. It should be noted that our button features cross-hatch texturing and a slightly longer length, whereas the OEM X-Macro button comes with simple serrations. (Please refer to image #2)


  • Intended for use with all SIG OEM, Armory Craft and Wilson Combat polymer grip modules.  Due to the manufacturing differences among aftermarket aluminum grip modules, we cannot make any guarantees as to fitment / compatability with other aftermarket modules.


Only the extended button is included - you will need to re-use the small factory 'wedge' as well as the spring from your stock magazine button.


Armory Craft Extended Magazine Button Sig Sauer P365 with Checkering:

Reversible for use by left-handed shooters

- Compatible with ALL P365 models including X-Macro and P365 Legion

- Please note that while the P365 Legion and X-Macro stock button is slighly larger vs. the regular P365/P365X/P365XL, Armory Craft button is still 1 mm longer and provides MUCH better ergonomics with a resting position that is slighly tilted outward.


Available in 3 finishes:

 - Black Nitride

 - Titanium Nitride / Gold PVD

 - Chromium Nitride / Steel finish PVD


Since the P365 is predominantly used as an EDC firearm, this magazine release button is extended only 2.0 mm) vs stock and the angle is adjusted for better ergonomics, yet it provides vastly improved handling vs. the smooth/non-textured and shallow stock magazine button. While the overall length is only slightly extended, the angle AND the texture of the interacting surface makes all the difference in locating the magazine catch by feel (instead of sliding over the original smooth one) and makes the magazine exchange faster, easier and safer.


Better angle and the longer overall length allows easier magazine exchanges and the extra checkering provides better friction vs. the stock shallow and smooth SIG button. Each extended magazine release button is properly hardened to SIG factory specs and is finished with hard black nitride or Stainless / TiN (gold) PVD. 





Since the increased height is only 2.0 mm) vs stock, it is compatible with a majority of holsters on the market WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATION.  However, we now offer holsters that accommodate all of your favorite Armory Craft upgrades for the Sig Sauer P365/P365X/P365XL family of pistols, including compensator and extended magazine release. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Armory Craft Extended Magazine button with Checkering - P365 XL 365X SAS XMACRO

$34.95 Regular Price
$24.95Sale Price

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