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TRUE PRECISION Barrels Sig Sauer P365

(ALL variants are 1/2x28 thread pitch)


IMPORTANT - Please read:

- Sorry, NO COUPONS can be used for this item

- No International Shipping


All P365 marked barrels will fit P365, P365 SAS, P365X pistols.

All P365XL marked barrels will fit only P365 XL pistols.


Currently we only carry these variants:

 - P365 Non-Threaded Gold Titanium Nitride TP-P365B-XG

 - P365 Threaded Black Nitride QPQ TP-P365B-XTBL

 - P365 Threaded Stainless PVD TP-P365B-XT

 - P365 Threaded Gold Titanium Nitride TP-P365B-XTG

 - P365 XL Threaded Black Nitride QPQ TP-P365XLB-XTBL

 - P365 XL Threaded Stainless PVD TP-P365XLB-XT

 - P365 XL Threaded Gold Titanium Nitride TP-P365XLB-XTG


Please don't forget to check out our factory threaded barrels for other Sig Sauer pistols, such as the P226, P229/P228P320 Full-Size and P320 X5/X5 Legion


We also offer compensators for the P226/P229, P320/X5 and P365/P365XL 



(other variants as well as XL threaded and non-threaded barrels are coming as soon as True Precision is able to fullfil our orders)


Sig Sauer TRUE PRECISION Barrels for P365 Pistols


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