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Identical Reproduction of the German Sig Sauer Mastershop Magwell.


SIG P226 Magwell for "most" SAO and "some" DASA models.

Please read the whole description below to ensure compatibilty of the frame and magazines!


 For the best functional as well as visual appeal results, we highly recommend to use Plus-2 Base Pads together with these magwells. Please CLICK HERE to see the Plus-2 Base pads.


Three variants are available:

 - Silver / Aluminum finish (13 grams)

 - Black anodizing over aluminum (13 grams)

 - Black nitride over STEEL (40 grams)

Excellent if you would like to add some weight, especially with aluminum frames.


Pistol Compatibilily:

P226 SAO guns with safeties:

  • P226 SAO Legion
  • P226 SAO Elite (inluding P226 SAO 22LR)
  • P226 X5/X6 SAO - Gen 2 as well as Gen 1 (226 "S") models
  • Please see the image #5 above and compare with your frame after you remove of the grips. 


P226 DASA guns with decockers - fits ONLY these models:

  • P226 X5/X6 DASA ALLROUND (Gen 2 as well as Gen 1 (226 "S" models)
  • P226 DASA LDC and LDC II models
  • "NEW" production DASA US-made pistols that have a specific cutout in the bottom of the frame. Please see the image #5 above and compare with your frame after you remove of the grips. 


Magazine Compatibilily:

  • 15 rd SIG or MecGar magazines
  • 17 rd SIG or MecGar magazines
  • 18 rd MecGar Magazines
  • 20 rd Tacops magazines made by ProMag. Must be the ProMag magazines that have a 'metal 18rd tube' + a large Plus-2 base pad (which will have to be removed in order for this magazine work with this magwell).
  • ALL magazines mentioned above should be used either with the original German X5/6 Plus-2 base pads or the considerably more affordable Plus-2 Armory Craft base pads (seen in the above image gallery - please click HERE.)
  • These base pads will increase the capacity of these magazines mentioned above by 2 additional rounds - to 17, 19 and 20rd respectively.


Important - Please read:

 - ALL US-made P226 SAO (P226 Legion and P226 Elite), 'some' NEW DASA models, as well as 'some' LDC pistols will also need a new hammer strut seat, which we offer. Please select it from the drop down menu. Please look at the bottom of your pistol. If you do not see a hammer seat with a brass insert to accept a screw (red arrow, Image #1 above) - you will need to get this hammer seat from us. You can select the hammer seat from the above drop-down menu.


 - All Gen 1 X5/X6 pistols as well as all US-made P226 models will also need a new hammer strut seat PLUS the current production (longer) hammer strut. All US 226 pistols made after 2010 already have it.  If you do not have this type of strut, you can purchase it from us:

 - SIG Armorer's Super Strut - please CLICK HERE.

 - SIG Factory Strut - please CLICK HERE.


M3 x 12 Socket Head screw is included. You will need M2 Allen wrench to install the magwell.

SIG Sauer P226 Magwell