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MAGPUL AMAG magazine for Sig Sauer P320, P250, M17, Legion Carry, X-Full, X5, X-Five Legion, X-VTAC 17rd 9mm 


  • NO International Shipping
  • NO shipping to restricted states or jurisdictions due to state-level magazine capacity restrictions. However, if you are LE or Active Military please contact us for further assistance.

If a coupon is used, the order will be cancelled and will have to be resubmitted.


17-round magazine for the SIG SAUER P320 and P250 pistols chambered in 9mm.  


MAGPUL P320 17rd 9mm handgun magazine featuring a heat-treated, stainless-steel alloy body with polymer sub-components. Magpul AMAGs come with many proven features, including a high-visibility, controlled-tilt follower, stainless-steel spring, flared floorplate that’s easily removable for cleaning and routine maintenance, paint-pen dot matrix for magazine marking, and capacity-indicator windows which begin at five (5) rounds, and continue along the spine of the magazine in one-round increments.


  • Full size models only, as listed above
  • Pricing is listed for ONE individual magazine
  • Made in the USA.



- The initial batch of MAGPUL 17rd magazines features rails that are slightly wider vs. OEM magazines. As such, Armory Craft Plus-0, Plus-2 and Plus-3/4 aluminum base pads (as well as possibly many other aftermarket base pads) will NOT work with this magazine. Our future production runs of these base pads will be adjusted so they will also fit these MAGPUL magazine.


Our current base pad option that WILL work with this magazine:

- Wilson Combat "Style" SIG P320/P250 9mm/.40 S&W PLUS-2 Base Pad


Magpul AMAG - SIG P320 P250 M17 Legion Carry X-Full X5 X-Five Legion 17rd 9mm

$34.95 Regular Price
$28.95Sale Price

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