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DUAL ADJUSTABLE Sig P220/226/229 SAO Flat Trigger - Type II

For S.A.O. - SINGLE ACTION ONLY pistols!

NOT for DA/SA pistols with decockers.




Armory Craft is the FIRST and the ORIGINAL Manufacturer of commercially available Sig Sauer SAO (Single Action Only) Flat Dual Adjustable Triggers for P-Series Sig Pistols that eliminmate pretravel as well as overtravel!.


  • DUAL ADJUSTABLE Sig Sauer P220/226 SAO Flat Trigger - Type II

  • Please watch the video in the ABOVE image gallery to see the pretravel and overtravel elimination.

  • Please pay attention to all images shown in the image gallery.

  • This trigger practically eliminates overtravel, and therefore shortens the reset.

  • Legion Flat SAO triggers have about 8mm of pretravel.

  • Non-Legion curved SAO triggers have 12-14mm of pretravel.

  • Armory Craft SAO triggers can be adjusted safely to as low as 4mm of pre-travel, similar to German X5 X6 adjustable triggers.

  • Overtavel can be almost eliminated with our SAO triggers 


- PLEASE NOTE: There are TWO TYPES of SAO triggers

- Before you order, please make sure that you order the CORRECT VERSION.


PLEASE study the second image VERY carefully. Take off your slide and look at your trigger through the opening in the locking block. If your trigger is about 5 mm wide at the top it will have only ONE hole (the trigger pin hole) and has a POST at the top that is inserted into a new type/wider trigger bar. This is the trigger that can be found in 'most' Legion SAO P226, Legion SAO P229, recent P226 Nitron SAO and SAO RX etc. You will need our Type II SAO Trigger. 


Some Legion P220 SAO Models have Type I or Type II triggers depending on caliber and when they were made. Again, please study the second image in the above gallery to see if you need Type I (trigger with 2 holes) or Type II (trigger with one hole)


- If your inspection reveals that your trigger is about 8 mm wide at the top, and the trigger bar is barely visible - then you have the traditional SAO trigger with two holes. In this case you need to purchase our TYPE I SAO TRIGGER - please click HERE.


Sig Sauer P-Series SAO Flat Trigger:

- Are you tired of SIG USA not offering the flat SAO trigger found in their Legion SAO pistols? We have the trigger for you!

- Do you own a Legion SAO with a flat trigger, but you wish to reduce pre-travel and overtravel? We have the trigger for you!

- The factory Legion flat trigger lacks any adjustments. With the Armory Craft flat SAO trigger, you will finally be able to adjust/eliminate your pre-travel and overtravel!

- This is a direct replacement to your stock trigger for a smoother, more consistent pull.


  • Armory Craft SAO trigger reduces the trigger pull weight when comparing to curved SAO triggers. With stock SAO curved trigger the pulling force is transferred through the middle of the trigger (apex of the curve). However, the flat design allows the shooter to position their finger lower on the trigger to take advantage of the increased leverage. Same principle as on our industry first SIG P-series flat adjustable DA/SA trigger.

  • Promotes better trigger discipline - i.e. more accuracy (especially during rapid fire, competition etc).

  • Optimized *width*. Tighter & less ‘side-to-side’ wiggle vs. stock trigger.

  • Hard anodized for excellent durability


  • CNC machined (NOT a MIM part)

  • Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001/AS9100 & in accordance with the requirements of AS9104A.

  • Our manufacturing facility is also manufacturing products for Boeing, US Coast Guard, Lockheed, Honeywell and other major US companies.


* Please be sure to check out our Sig Sauer Trigger Pull Reduction Kit, which will decrease your trigger pull weight while keeping 100% ignition reliability.  On average, you can expect an instant trigger pull reduction by approximately 1.5-2 lbs in Double Action and around 1 lb in Single Action in DA/SA pistols (and around 1 lb in SAO pistols) *


All triggers, hammers, springs or any other ignition gun parts are intended for installation only by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

Type II -DUAL ADJUSTABLE Sig Sauer P220/226/229 SAO - Single Action Only Trigger


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