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CZ Shadow 2 Aluminum MAGWELLS



  • ONLY Shadow 2 and Shadow 2 Orange

Anodized aluminium magwell.  Fits only Shadow 2 guns. 

  • SHORT grips must be used with all factory CZ magwells.
  • Dedicated base pads for magwells have to be used with all CZ factory magwells.
  • Must be used with a flat end Main Spring Plug (which are usually already installed in the Shadow 2 pistols) If your plug has the lanyard loop, it need to be replaced with a flat end plug or your lanyard loop needs to be ground off. Please refer to the second to last picture in the above image gallery.


(This magwell does NOT fit: CZ75, 75B, SP-01, 85 etc., Czechmate, Tactical Sports, Tactical Sports Orange, TS2. Diffrent magwells must be used for those models:

- CZ75, 75B, SP-01, 85 etc. - HERE.

- TS, TS2, TSO, Czechmate, Parrot magwells - HERE.


- Factory Shadow 2 plastic magazine pads can be used with some minor modifications (please see the last image in the above gallery).

 - However, we suggest that dedicated Plus-2 or Plus-4 base pads for magwells are being used.



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