Armory Craft - Plus-4 (Plus-5*) Magazine Pads

Will work on pistols WITH and WITHOUT magwells.


CNC machined from a solid aluminum billet

Made in USA.


  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver (clear anodized)
  • Orange
  • Blue (this is a 'regular blue' color - NOT the Shadow 2 Blue)


- ThesePlus-4 (Plus-5*)  base pad designed specifically for:

  1. MecGar 17 rnd. magazines
  2. Factory 16 rd magazines on FULL size CZ guns
  3. Factory 14 rd. magazines on Compact, PCR , P-01 pistols

IMORTANT: on 18 rnd or 15 rd Compact CZ/MecGar magazines, but will just stick out about 3 more millimeters vs. 17 and 14 rnd. MecGar/CZ magazines. 


- stock springs will work with this magazine pad & hold 2 more rounds

- lengthens the magazine and adds 2 rounds to your magazine capacity.  (*Expands the capacity by 3 rounds with Grams kit that you can purchase from various online vendors)

-  Will fit the USPSA 140mm magazine gauge.
- This base pad will work  with CZ Factory as well as all Custom Magwells.


- This magazine pad will NOT work with CZ 97, CZ Tactical Sports, TS Orange or Czechmate/Parrot magazines. 

Armory Craft - Plus-4 (Plus-5) Magazine Pad

$39.75 Regular Price
$34.75Sale Price

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