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Armory Craft - CZ 75, Shadow 2, Canik TP9V/EAA SF Plus-4 (Plus-5*) Magazine Pad


  • Will fit all CZ75, 75B, 85, 85C, SP-01, P-01, Compact, PCR etc
  • Also fits Canik TP9SFx, TP9SA Mod.2, TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, TP9DA, TP9 Elite SC, TP9 Elite Combat Pistols. 


Will work on pistols WITH and WITHOUT magwells.


  • CNC machined from a solid aluminum billet
  • Made in USA.
  • Weight: 21 g (0.74 oz)
  • Also available in Plus-2/Plus-3 (second to last image above. Please CLICK HERE )


- These Plus-4 (Plus-5*)  base pad designed specifically for:

  1. MecGar 17 rd magazines
  2. Factory 16 rd magazines on FULL size CZ guns
  3. Factory 14 rd magazines on Compact, PCR , P-01 pistols

IMPORTANT: on 18 rnd or 15 rd Compact CZ/MecGar magazines, but will just stick out about 3 more millimeters vs. 17 and 14 rd MecGar/CZ magazines. 


Please note that the magazine retention plates are not to be used with these base pads.


- This magazine pad will NOT work with CZ 97, CZ Tactical Sports, TS Orange, TS2 or Czechmate/Parrot magazines.



 - will also work on restricted capacity magazines as long as they have 'regular metal rails' at the bottom. However,  they will NOT work on restricted capacity magazines if they have the 'large plastic plug' at the bottom of the magazine. (Please see the last image in the Image Gallery above).


- stock springs will work with this magazine pad & hold 2 more rounds

- lengthens the magazine and adds 2 rounds to your magazine capacity.  (*Expands the capacity by 5 rounds with Grams kit that you can purchase from various online vendors)
- This base pad will work  with CZ Factory as well as all Custom Magwells.


Armory Craft - CZ 75, Shadow 2 Canik TP9, EAA SF Plus-4 (Plus-5) Magazine Pad

$39.75 Regular Price
$34.75Sale Price

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