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CZ SAO ("Single Action only") Triggers - TACTICAL SPORTS

Same shape as found in TS, TS2, Czechmate.


While Armory Craft manufacturers several SIG Sauer triggers as well as Dual Adjustable CZ DASA trigger, these SAO triggers are original factory parts, made in Czech Republic. Triggers come with pre-travel and overtravel screw adjustment.


Please select your color from the drop-down menu.


Works in these SAO and DA/SA models:

 - CZ 97B, 75, 75B, 85, 85B, SP-01, SP-01, P-01, Compact, Shadow, Shadow 2, Tactical Sports, Tactical Sports Orange, TS 2, Czechmate, Parrot - pistols MUST HAVE MANUAL SAFETY 


When this single action trigger is installed on a CZ 75 model with a DA/SA trigger system, the double-action function of the trigger system is deactivated and the pistol becomes SAO.



- This trigger will NOT work in pistols with a decocker or those with Omega trigger systems.

- will NOT work in P-07 and P-09 pistols



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