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Armory Craft CZ 75, 85, 97 DASA and CANIK, IWI 941, Tanfoglio - Dual Adjustable trigger. 


  • Adjustable for pretravel (only with the Reach Reduction Kit) and overtravel (with or without the Reach Reduction Kit)
  • Kit for CZ75/85/97/SP-01 & All Compacts - CGW1487T4
  • Kit for SH-2/85C/SP-01 Shadow/Shadow Line - CGW1489T6
  • Screws and Allen wrench are included.
  • Works in ALL CZ 75, 75B, 75BD, 85, 85B, Compact, PCR, P-01, SP-01, SP-01 Tactical, SP-01 Shadow, Shadow 2, CZ 97, RAMI safety & decocker, CZ 97 BD DASA models. (In Matte Stainless, Black Nitride, Red Cerakote)
  • We have these triggers also available for CANIK, SAR, Tanfoglio, IWI 941, CZ SP-01 Phantom DASA pistols. Please select fom the drop-down menu above. (In Matte Stainless only). IMPORTANT: some Tanfoglio, IWI, SAR & Canik pistols have different sized holes depending on the model or even the year of manufacture. Our triggers have the lower hole diameter of 0.088" (2.24mm) and the upper hole is 0.099 (2.5mm). Your factory triggers must have these dimensions in order for Armory Craft triggers to fit properly.


After making over a dozen various triggers for SIG SAUER pistols, we have exciting news for the fans of the CZ-75 platform. In fact, we predict that this trigger will become quite popular with CZ fans and competitors as times goes on.


  • It is the flattest (or better said "the least curved") DASA Dual Adjustable trigger on the market. Less curved than the already popular "Old Style" trigger.


  • In the images shown above, you can see the trigger installed with Cajun Gun Works' "Reach Reduction Kit" in a Shadow 2 and the 'trigger only' (without the CGW Reach Reduction kit), installed in a CZ SP-01.


  • Cajun Gun Works’ Reach Reduction Kit moves the at rest DA position of the trigger rearward an amazing 5.0 mm’s.   The “felt” difference is quite dramatic and completely changes the ergonomics of the trigger.   


  • Most factory CZ DASA triggers have a 'belly in the front' (curved left-to-right) and are somewhat slippery because of that. This trigger is relatively flat across, with some nice side tapers and gentle front serrations to promote consistency in trigger finger placement.


Compatible with 'Reach Reduction Kits" for 75 (all DASA models except for those with Omega triggers) & Shadow 2, but can be used also without the Reach Reduction kit as a direct swap for your stock DASA triggers.


Available in these finishes:

  • 416 Matte Stainless Steel
  • Black Nitride/QPQ over 416 Stainless Steel



  • This trigger will NOT work in pistols with Omega trigger systems.
  • Reach reduction kits are NOT being sold separately and must be purchased together with the trigger.


All triggers, hammers or any other 'action' gun parts are intended for installation by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

Armory Craft CZ 75 85 97 & CANIK Tanfoglio IWI SAR DASA Dual Adjustable trigger


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