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"ARMORY CRAFT" Tungsten Weight Kit


Weight increase:

  • about 40% with P320 X-Compact and WC Compact
  • about 86% with Wilson Combat P365


Unlike many competing Tungsten Weight Kits all of our kits come with silicone which is needed to secure the rods in your grip module.



- ALL P365 and P365 XL Wilson Combat grip modules

- Factory SIG P320 X-Compact

- Wilson Combat P320 "COMPACT" (XCSB & XCST)


Tungsten Weight Grip Module Stabilizing Kit exclusively for the SIG P320 X-Compact grip modules AND Wilson Combat P320 'COMPACT' grip modules as well as all Wilson Compat P365 Grips modules.



IMPORTANT - ONLY for P320 X-Compact and Wilson Combat 'COMPACT' grip modules - NOT for Wilson Combat Carry and Full size modules: 


 - fits ALL Wilson Combat P365 grips mudules.


If you need the Tungsten Weight kit for a Wilson Combat Carry and WC Full Size grip module, please CLICK HERE.


We all love our polymer guns, but the one thing we lost compared to the all-metal ancestors is the stabilizing effect of mass. One of the heaviest metals available without a nuclear materials license is tungsten. By installing tungsten carbide weight rods in the pre-existing openings within the P320 X-Compact grip module, the total mass is increased by a whopping 40% and 85 (!!) % with regular P365 grip module


... and the results are an obvious improvement in grip stability in the hand, less jitter and shake that affects accuracy, and a reduction in recoil movement for a faster return to target.

All win, no downside!


    Precision-cut tungsten carbide rods install easily by dropping into pre-existing slots in the P320 X-Compact grip module, and a dab of the silicone glue (included with the kit) keeps them solidly in place (silicone glue is easily removed if you desire to take the rods out in the future).


    P365 Wilson Combat & SIG P320 X-Compact - Tungsten Weight Kit by "ARMORY CRAFT"


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