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Armory Craft Performance / Enhanced Main Spring Strut for CZ 75, 85, 97, SP-01, Shadow 2, Tactical Sport etc.

ETA: First week of July 2024.

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Main Spring Strut for these FULL size pistols:

(Not compatible with Compacts, PCR, P-01)
• CZ 75 B
• CZ 75 Shadow Line
• CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow
• CZ 75 Tactical Sports
• CZ Shadow 2


The factory CZ strut is an inexpensive part that is 'stamped' from a sheet of steel and the stem, which interacts with the hammer spring, has a rectangular profile. This portion of the factory strut is also notorious for rough edges, which has a negative impact on friction with the hammer spring. This results in an unnecessary creep during the trigger pull.


  • Armory Craft Performance strut has a stem with a ROUNDED profile, which significantly reduces friction with the spring, resulting in reduced creep.
  • Machined from a solid steel billet.
  • Polished and honed.
  • After polishing, it is then finished in a super low friction Nickel Boron Nitride coating.
  • This results in a smooth part which reduces the trigger pull weight, as well as the creep.

Armory Craft Performance Hammer Strut CZ 75 85 97 SP-01 Shadow 2 Tactical Sport

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