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  • What is SEZZLE?
    Sezzle is a "buy now, pay later" or "BNPL" payment option that allows customers to make a purchase with just 25% down. The remaining 75% is collected over three equal payments that occur every two weeks. Sezzle has no additional costs associated compared to normal checkout . It's zero interest, and has no hidden fees.
  • Does using SEZZLE effect shipping times?
    Sezzle orders will ship in the same time frame as the normal checkout process . Typically in 1-2 business days. Shipping times may be slightly longer during large sales and holiday promotions.
  • Is there a minimum order size for SEZZLE orders?
    Yes. We currently require a minimum order size of $250 for Sezzle to be an available payment option.
  • Is there a maximum order size when checking out with SEZZLE?
    Yes. Sezzle has a maximum credit limit of $2500. This includes all outstanding Sezzle purchases from other sites using Sezzle. Most users will not be approved for the full amount on their initial Sezzle purchase. However, after a positive payment history your limit can increase above the initial credit limit offer.
  • Why did my order get declined?
    Sezzle uses an automated proprietary system to approve or decline orders. Common reasons for an order being declined are: •Order value under $250 •Insufficient credit limit •Failure of initial payment, •Already have two Sezzle orders open •A poor Sezzle payment history. For a full list of common reasons for decline please visit:
  • Does applying for or using SEZZLE affect my credit score?
    Sezzle does not perform a hard credit check as part of their approval process and won't affect your credit score. They perform a "soft" check and review your credit score as part of their risk analysis.
  • Where can I see my SEZZLE account or payment information?
    All Sezzle account and payment information is located on Sezzle's website in your user dashboard. We have no access to your Sezzle account or payment information as it resides within their secure server. Please contact Sezzle if you have any question regarding your Sezzle account or want to make changes.
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