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The Sig Armorer SIG Sauer P320/P365 ACCESSIBILITY TOOL


Suitable for ALL P320 and P365 variants.


In life there are tools that you want and there are tools that you need. The Sig Armorer P320/365 Accessibility Tool falls in to the category of tools that you want AND need! Don’t be fooled by what some would call an “armorer’s block”, that is merely a fancy name for a hunk of plastic with a hole in it.


With over ten important functions for disassembly and reassembly of the P320 pistol (and all it’s variants), the industry’s first true Accessibility Tool for the P320, makes maintaining your P320 a breeze! Now with V2 you can also use this Accessibility Tool on your P365 takedown levers! 

The Sig Armorer SIG Sauer P320 / P365 ACCESSIBILITY TOOL

SKU: TSA-320-365-AT
$50.00 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price

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