Sig Sauer X5 Black & White - Mastershop Edition - Brand new - Complete Packgage.


This model is considered to be one of the most beautiful X5, X6 pistols!


Price: $4495 (please call us to reseerve on: 727-365-2266)

  • Payment: $10 online to take the pistol out of online inventory
  • Optional: Red Dot Mount: $145 ($50 off our regular price)
  • Optional: Target Grips (last picture): $99 ($30 off our regular price)
  • Please call 727-365-2266 to arrange the payment of the balance.
  • Shipping with tracking and signature confirmation to your FFL is $19.





Extremely rare X5 Black & White. This pistol was NEVER imported to the USA even when Sig USA was still selling X-series pistols. Only a few pieces exist. Excellent collectors' piece. One of the most rare X-series pistols even in Europe and the rest of the world.

PRE-ORDER: Sig Sauer X5 Black & White - Mastershop Edition - 9mm


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