Classic P-series SIG SAUER 1-piece super durable design Sig P220 P226 P227 P228 P229 M11A1 & X5/X6, P239 'SPORT' takedown lever. Based on the very popular Sig P220 P226 P227 P228 P229 - X5/X6 'SuperMatch Style' takedown lever that we introduced earlier (seen as the last 2 images in the above picture gallery).


This is the 'SPORT' style takedown lever. It has identical foot print of the stock takedown lever, but has a better texture for easier indexing and better recoil control.


Please CLICK HERE to see our larger SuperMatch Style takedown lever, that similar to German-Made X5 X6 SuperMatch models. (Last 2 pictures in the above image gallery)



  • Even STRONGER than the original X5/X6 Mastershop take down lever made in Germany, that is comprised out of two separate pieces pressed together.
  • Our take down levers are Machined as a Solid-One-Piece from hardened billet tool steel!
  • With a gently tilted & checkered surface for a better thumb placement
  • Durable Black Nitride/QPQ finish.
  • ....or durable Nickel Boron Nitride finish
  • No other parts needed - direct swap with your stock part



To answer the question how this takedown lever will fit 'YOUR HOLSTER' is not possible by us. There are dozens of holster manufacturers with a VERY large variety of holsters out there. While some holsters will not require ANY modifications, other holsters may require some. Most likely the modification should be minimal and easy to perform.


CNC machined (NOT a MIM part)
Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001/AS9100 & in accordance with the requirements of AS9104A.
Our manufacturing facility is also manufacturing products for Boeing, US Coast Guard, Lockheed, Honeywell and other major US companies.

Sig Sauer 220 226 227 228 229 239 M11A1 X5/X6 SPORT takedown lever

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