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Sig Sauer P220 P227 .45 acp/40 sw RECOIL CALIBRATION PAK - 3 Springs

Fits all P220/227 as well as P226 40 sw models (DASA, SAO, Elite, Legion, 220 "S" etc.)

 - WILL NOT FIT P220 Carry!


 - Color coded 16, 18 and 20 lbs recoil springs for optimal tuning of recoil impulse with various types of ammunution.


Please note that we also sell the guide rod as well as the springs individually. We also sell complete recoil tuning kits with a solid stainless stell guide rod as well as P-series Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit. Please CLICK HERE.

Sig Sauer P220 P227 .45 P226 40 sw RECOIL CALIBRATION PAK

Only 3 left in stock

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