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SIG P320 9mm 40 S&W PLUS-2 Base Pads


Please note that these base pads will NOT work with the new P320 Magpul magazines that are a little bit wider at the rails. Our future production runs will be adjusted so they will also fit these magazines.


  • Designed to work with X5, X-Carry, X-Full, SIG Compact frames with or without a magwell.
  • Will work with all X-5 Style factory and aftermarket magwells
  • Will work with Armory Craft and other aftermarket AXG magwells
  • Will NOT work with SIG *FACTORY AXG* magwell.
  • Will NOT work with factory SIG Compact grip modules for 15rd magazines.
  • Will NOT work with factory Wilson Combat Compact grip modules for 15rd magazines.
  • Will work in all Wilson Combat Full and Carry Grip modules
  • Will work in P250/P320/M17 frames without magwell. In this case a small portion of the side of the magazine will be showing if used with these classic P320 Sig Frames that have the side-cutout.
  • Will work in AXG frames with or without magwell
  • CNC machined out of solid aluminum billet 
  • Weight: 21 g (0.74 oz)
  • Not for the 21rd 9mm/18rd .40 factory mags
  • +2 rounds with the stock spring, +3 rounds with Grams kit
  • M3 set screw included (you will need M1.5mm Allen Wrench)
  • Please note that the magazine retention plates are not to be used with these base pads.


Please CLICK HERE for higher capacity (Plus-3/Plus-4) 140mm base pads (second to last  picture in the above image gallery).



 - will also work on 'internally' restricted capacity magazines (CA, MA, NY etc) as long as they have 'regular metal rails' at the bottom. However,  they will NOT work on restricted capacity magazines if they have the 'large plastic plug' at the bottom of the magazine. (Please see the last image in the Image Gallery above).

SIG P320 9mm 40 S&W PLUS-2 Base Pads


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