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Sig Sauer P320 Compact - X-Carry - M18 - P320 Legion X-Carry - P320 AXG - P320 Spectre Comp - Recoil Tuning Kit


Please note that in order to use any of these recoil springs, you will need to use our two-piece guide rods system (included).  Individual springs ARE NOT compatible with the factory, captured recoil spring assembly.


Only for Compact P320s with stock 3.9" (non-threaded) barrels or 4.6" stock (threaded) barrels.


NOT for P320-AXG Legion - you will need the FULL size (non X5 kit). Please CLICK HERE

NOT for X-Compact with 3.6" barrel


Replaces the factory captured recoil spring and allows for easy and optimal recoil tuning. Excellent for use with COMPENSATORS, as well as various ammunition loads.  Our P320 compensators can be found HERE


This kit is ONLY compatible with the following models:

  • Sig Sauer P320 Compact
  • M18
  • P320 Legion Carry
  • P320 AXG
  • P320 Spectre Comp



Will NOT fit X-Five, X-Five Legion, M17, P320-F AXG Pro, P320 Full, X-Full or any other models/ custom builds with a FULL size slide. If you need a recoil tuning kit for X-5 or any of these "Full Size" P320 models, you can purchase it HERE. (Please see the last picture in the above image gallery).


Each Kit (6 PARTS) includes:

  • ONE Premium Quality Polished and Hardened Stainless Steel Guide Rod in Black Nitride / QPQ finish
  • ONE Black Nitride QPQ Adapter Ring that holds the flat wire spring in place
  • Color Coded Recoil Spring Tuning Kit: FOUR FLAT WIRE Recoil Springs: 18, 16 (factory weight) 13 and 11 lbs. Top quality flat wire springs custom made to our specification by a well known OEM gun spring manufacturer that exceed OEM strength and quality.
  • We recommend using 13 and 11 lb springs with compensators.
  • If your pistol is chambered in 40 S&W, a 20 lb spring should be purchased as well.
  • Individual replacement springs can be purchased from the drop down menu on this page.


Unlike some other brands' options, all of our SIG parts are MADE IN USA.


We also sell complete recoil tuning kits with a solid stainless steel guide rod for P220, P226 and P227, as well as our P-series Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit. Please CLICK HERE.


Sig P320 COMPACT - M18 - P320 Legion X-Carry - P320 AXG Recoil Tuning Kit

$49.95 Regular Price
$46.95Sale Price

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