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P220 226 229 - SAO Low Mass Performance Skeletonized Hammer


For SAO (Single Action Only) pistols! Will NOT work in DA/SA pistols with a decocker. Will result in a CONSIDERABLY CLEANER BREAK due to specifically designed and polished contact surfaces! Please do not forget to check out our industry first commercially available matching SAO Dual Adjustable Trigger (Type I and Type II).


We offer 2 types of SAO hammers that fit the following S.A.O (Single Action Only) Sig Sauer pistols (All Legion models included):

Type 1:

  • P220
  • P226 Incl. Legion P226
  • P229 SAO Legion

Type 2:

  • X5, X6 Gen 2 ONLY


Please note that while our Type 1 are 'drop in' parts (NO fitting required)  - our Type 2 hammers could occasionally require some custom gunsmith fitting in Gen II X5, X6 pistols.


Will not fit DA/SA models. Please CLICK HERE if you need DA/SA hammer.


The purpose of a reduced weight hammer, (just like a reduced weight firing pin), is to reduce the lock time, which makes it easier to get a reliable low weight trigger pull. A reduced mass hammer will produce *higher velocity* which gives a better energy transfer from the mainspring to the firing pin (i.e. you can technically use a lighter mainspring - which gives a lighter trigger pull) and still ensures a reliable primer ignition.


Of course there is a fine balance between reduced weight and structural integrity or having the mass reduced too much for reliable strikes. Our hammers are ABSOLUTELY designed with this in mind and are designed to achieve this balance. Our skeletonized reduced mass hammer uses the lineage, reliability, and mechanics of the legendary SIG X5/6 SuperMatch hammer as its baseline of performance.


This hammer has several advantages. It is manufactured via precision EDM machining out of 'tool steel' that is hardened. There is special attention paid to the hammer hooks, so the trigger pull will be smoother. We are NOT making this hammer "just for the LOOKS", we have performance very much in mind as well. It will certainly beat having the MIM hammer that we have seen in quite a few P-series guns.


Will fit all SAO P220, P226, P229 models (including all Legion SAO models). Per our testing, on some rare occasions, it may require additional fitting in some German Gen II X5/6 SAO models. All triggers, hammers or any other gun parts are intended for installation by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

P220 P226 P229 - SAO Low Mass Performance Skeletonized Hammer

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