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Armory Craft - P-Series Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit - 8 pieces

Premium spring kit made by a top-tier industrial and military-spec. USA facility.


Decrease your trigger pull weight via tuning while keeping 100% ignition reliability.


This kit gives you the option of a regularly scheduled factory-spec servicing, or lightening the trigger force required, or having a gunsmith optimize for competition purposes. Literally the right parts for every need.


The best value on the market. Get EIGHT springs to tune or freshen-up your SIG Sauer pistols for only $19.95. Springs are color coded for a very easy recognition during installation or anytime in the future.


Fits ONLY the following Sig Sauer models:

P220, P224, P225A1, P226, P227, P228, P229, M11A1, 226 S, 220 S as well as all Gen 1 and Gen 2 X5 and X6 pistols, Will not fit P225/P6. This spring kit is not comatible with early SIG models that have the longhammer strut spring with "pinned base". Please see the last picture in the above image gallery.


Armory Craft Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit is unquestionably the best value tuning kit on the market and includes the following EIGHT springs:

  • 19 lbs. Hammer Spring (blue)
  • 18 lbs. Hammer Spring (green)
  • 17 lbs. Hammer Spring (red)
  • 16 lbs. Hammer Spring 
  • Stock Weight / Factory Replacement Sear Spring 
  • Enhanced / Reduced Weight Sear Spring
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring


Please note that we also sell guide rods for P320, P220. P226, P226 as well as various recoil and hammer springs individually.  Please CLICK HERE.


*Discount pricing available for gunsmiths and dealers with volume purchases. Please contact us at for more details.


All triggers, hammers, springs or any other ignition gun parts are intended for installation only by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

P-series Ultimate Master Spring Tuning Kit - 8 pieces.


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