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CZ 75 Aluminum Grips - SHORT


These grips will NOT fit any Compact, PCR or P-01 models.

These grips will NOT fit CZ 97.


IMPORTANT! These grips are ONLY for FULL size CZ 75 based models "AND" these SHORT GRIPS MUST BE USED WITH one of these 3 sizes of factory CZ MAGWELLS


 - Please CLICK HERE to see magwells.

  • 75 / Shadow 1 / SP-01 CZ FACTORY magwell
  • Tactical Sports Orange/Czechmnate CZ FACTORY magwell
  • Shadow 2 CZ FACTORY magwell


Aluminum grips SHORT with checkering. Grips fit the following models:

- CZ75, CZ75 B Ω, CZ75 SP-01, 75BD, 85B/C, CZ75 SP-01 TACTICAL, CZ75 SP-01 SHADOW, SHADOW 2, CZ75 TS (Tactical Sports), TS Orange or the Czechmate ....or any and all CZ75 FULL SIZE models when a factory CZ magwell is being used.


  • You can use your current grip screws on these grips.
  • These grips do not come with grip screws.
  • We recommend to use original Factory CZ Torx Screws

 - Purchase 1 pair (2 screws) - HERE

 - Purchase 2 pairs (4 screws) - HERE (Discount/Better Value)

CZ 75 Aluminum Grips - SHORT

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