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Dan Wesson DWX, CZ 75, 75B, SP-01, Shadow 2, CZ 85, G10 Grips Long / Regular 


- Bogies Black G10 with Palm Swells

- Roughnecks Black G10 with Palm Swells


This is the 'Regular' (also called LONG) size of grips that come installed by the factory on the vast majority of full size CZ 75 family of pistols, without magwell.


  • Manufactured by LOK Grips in collaboration with Armory Craft
  • IN STOCK - ready to ship. No need to place an order and wait until the grips are custom made.
  • Material: G10
  • Excellent texture and gentle palm-swells that promote a secure grip
  • You can use your current grip screws on these grips. However, these grips come with nice TORX grip screws. If you have more firearms that can use these excellent screws, we also offer them separately:

 - Purchase 1 pair (2 screws) - HERE

 - Purchase 2 pairs (4 screws) - HERE (Discount/Better Value)

 - Can be used with the new Dan Wesson DWX, but will require "regular" length 1911 grip screws.





Grips fit the following models: CZ75, CZ75 Pre-B, CZ75 B, CZ75 Ω, CZ75 SP-01, SP-01 TACTICAL, CZ 85, 85B, 85 Combat, CZ75 SP-01 SHADOW 1, SHADOW 2 or any full size CZ 75 models (will NOT fit the original two tone Tactical Sports that uses the polymer magwell.) These grips would also fit perfectly on Tactical Sports, Tactical Sports Orange or the CZ Czechmate, if the magwell was not being used.


These grips will NOT fit CZ 97 or any pistols that use Factory CZ magwells. Will fit pistol that use certain aftermarket magwells (i.e. CZ Custom)  - these 'aftermarket' magwells must be setup to be able to be used with these LONG/REGULAR full size CZ grips.


LOK Bogies and Roughneck grips are known for their excellent texture.The checkering on these grips is pronounced, allowing you to maintain a good grip on your gun regardless of the conditions outside.

Anyone that has held a CZ75 knows they fit your hand like a glove. But as good as those stock grips feel, they just don't have the traction you need in extreme conditions.


Until now all G10 grips sold for CZ75 have been pretty thin and flat. You get to keep that great original feel but you get much more texture and a better tactile feel.


  • LOK grips have palm swells just like the factory rubber grips.
  • These grips are the same thickness as stock rubber grips. 


Material: G10

LOK grips are made from Phenolic G10.  G10 is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum but nearly as strong with a grippier texture.  G10 won’t crack or shatter, like the cheaper polymer and acrylic grips are known to do.  The color is dyed into the material, so scratches aren’t an issue. G10 grips will last a life time under normal use.

Dan Wesson DWX, CZ 75, 75B, SP-01, Shadow 2, CZ 85, G10 Grips Long / Regular


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