Vortex/Burris/Docter to Trijicon (RMR/SRO) Converter / Adapter


If you have an optical mount that is setup to work with Vortex, Burris, Docter, Noblex optics - this converter will allow you to use Trijicon RMR/SRO optics on the same mount. 


Will work on "ANY OTHER FIREARM" as long as you already own any Vortex / Burris / Docter / Noblex mount.

Will work with both mounts that we make. We also provide 2 complimentary screws that will attach this adapter plate to Armory Craft's SIG X5/X6 and P210 mounts.


1) X5/X6 Adapter - please click HERE

2) P210 Adapter  - please click HERE


This Converter / Adapter plate (which is 4.75mm thick) comes with two 6-32 thread pitch holes (identical thread pitch as Trijicon's Adapter plate) for mounting various Trijicon or Holosun optics on top of it. Due to the various lenghts of scrrews required from one red dot optic to another, we do not provide the various lenghts of 6-32 screws. There is a good chance that you will already have the proper lenght 6-32 screws, that were provided with your Trijicon/Holosun optic.


Both Armory Craft mounts pictured here for illustration only (for SIG X5/X6 and SIG P210) but not included in the sale.


You are purchasing only the converter plate. Trijicon SRO optic or Armory Craft mounts are not included.

Vortex/Burris/Docter - to - Trijicon (RMR/SRO) Converter / Adapter