Strike Industries Suppressor Height Sight Set - SIG P320


Compatible with Armory Craft P320 Skeleton Slides - CLICK HERE.


The Strike Industries SIG P320 Suppressor Height Sights give you an elevated sight picture for use with suppressed pistols or co-witnessing with a slide mounted red dot sight. They offer an absolute co-witness giving you a natural aiming point to more quickly find the det dot. Additionally, these iron sights feature texturing on the front to reduce glare. The u-notch rear sight features a line running down the middle that is designed to catch light from above and draw your eye to the center for faster sight acquisition. This iron sight is machined from SUS630 stainless steel and features a matte black finish. Grab the Strike Industries Sight Set for your P320 today.



  • Fits SIG P320
  • Suppressor height
  • Absolute co-witness with slide mounted red dots
  • Anti glare and reflection
  • U-notch rear sight
  • Machined from stainless steel


Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman. They have anything from AR-15 parts and accessories to Glock components so you can completely customize your set up no matter what you run. Their complete line of innovative products come in a huge variety of colors and finishes so you can not only customize function, but personalize your look. You can’t go wrong with Strike Industries.


Strike Industries Suppressor Height Sight Set - SIG P320