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Sig Sauer - Wilson Combat EXTENDED Slide Release


This unique part, designed by Wilson Combat engineers replaces the small and hard to reach factory P320 low-profile slide catch levers.

Stamped from high quality ordnance steel, the deeply grooved and extended Wilson Combat SIG P320 extended slide release is uniquely shaped to improve your reloads under stress without interfering with your grip.


This part is precision stamped of ordnance steel and has a black nitride finish.  It uses the factory installed slide release spring and post.



  • Compatible with all P320 models (X5, X5 Legion, X-VTAC included) and variants in 9/357/40 calibers only
  • Stamped from ordnance grade steel
  • Black nitride finish
  • Drop in fit


Wilson Combat Slide Release, WCP320, Extended Installation/Removal


1. Ensure the pistol is unloaded and safe. Please read your current Sig Sauer® P320 Owner's Manual prior to performing the following procedure.

2. Remove the frame assembly per Sig Sauer® P320 Owner's Manual.

3. Remove the slide catch release pin from the left side of the frame.

4. Lift the slide release, slide release spring and post from the frame assembly.



1. Set the new slide release upside down on a flat surface.

2. Insert the post into the slide release and set the spring on top of the post.

3. Set the frame assembly over the slide release and lift up the slide release and frame assembly.

4. While holding the assembly, re-insert the slide release pin back through the frame.

5. Refer to your Sig Sauer® P320 Owner's Manual and re-assemble the pistol.

All triggers, hammers or any other gun parts are intended for installation by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

Sig Sauer P320 - Wilson Combat EXTENDED Slide Release


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