Sig Sauer P225 P228 P229 Recoil Tuning Parts


You can select:

  • Complete kit (Solid Guide Rod + 3 Recoil Springs)
  • Solid Stainless Steel Guide Rod
  • 15 lbs. Recoil Springs
  • 16 lbs. Recoil Springs
  • 17 lbs. Recoil Springs


P220, P226 and P227 guide rods can be found HERE.


- Stainless steel polished guide rod made out of hardened steel and guaranteed for life. 

Armory Craft guide solid rod weighs 28g (vs. 12g factory SIG stamped hollow guide rod) - and is 130% heavier, which helps to mitigate the felt recoil


- Color coded 15, 16 and 17 lbs recoil springs for optimal tuning of recoil impulse with various types of ammunution. (Factory rate for 9mm is 16 lbs and 17 lbs. for 40s&w and SIG . 357)


Other recoil springs, hammer springs, guide rods  - CLICK HERE.

Sig Sauer P229 P228 P225 Recoil Tuning Parts

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