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Sig Sauer Armorers Combination Tool 

 - original Sig Sauer Part - MPN:99 240 105-R


SIG USA Product: Please do not use ANY CUPONS during checkout. Thank you.


This Sig Sauer Armorers Tool is a must for gun owners looking to assemble or disassemble their P-Series pistol. Sig Sauer designed it to be an all-in-one tool to get the job done. Use this Sig Sauer Armorers P-Series Tool to take apart or put together Sig Sauer model P220 / P224 / P226 / P227 / P229 / P239 pistols. If you're looking to explore the inner workings of your firearm, use this Sig Sauer Armorers Multi-Tool to get the job done right without marring any screw or other surfaces of the pistol.

Sig Sauer Armorers Combination Tool

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