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SIG P210 Red Dot Mount


Will fit ONLY these four P210 models with adjustable sights:

 - Sig P210A - Target (U.S.-Made)

 - Sig P210 Legend Target - German 

 - Sig P210 Legend Super Target 5" - German

 - Sig P210 Legend Super Target 6" - German

 - Will not fit U.S. Made P210 Standard

 - Will not fit any SWISS P210 models


  • No need to modify your slide
  • Replaces your existing rear adjustable sight
  • You can re-install your adjustable rear sight anytime
  • Precision fit
  • CNC machined out of 7075 billet aluminum
  • Comes with Installation Instructions and mounting screws


Will work ONLY with these 5 red dot sights.

  • Vortex Venom
  • Vortex Viper
  • Docter
  • Burris FastFire 2
  • Burris FastFire 3
  • Burris FastFire 4

(WILL NOT WORK with Romeo, Aimpoint or Trijicon RMR)


CNC machined (NOT a MIM part)
Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001/AS9100 & in accordance with the requirements of AS9104A.
Our manufacturing facility is also manufacturing products for Boeing, US Coast Guard, Lockheed, Honeywell and other major US companies.

All triggers, hammers or any other gun parts are intended for installation by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

SIG P210 Red Dot Mount for US and German P210 Pistols


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