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INDIVIDUAL - Sig Sauer P-series tuning springs.


Fits ONLY the following Sig Sauer models:

P220, P224, P225A1, P226, P227, P228, P229, M11A1 and the P226 X-Five All-Around. Will not fit P225/P6.


You are purchasing ONE spring at the time. Please select the desired spring weight from the drop-down menu.


  • 19 lbs. Hammer Spring (blue)
  • 18 lbs. Hammer Spring (green)
  • 17 lbs. Hammer Spring (red)
  • 16 lbs. Hammer Spring (yellow - gunsmith installation & tuning only)
  • Stock Weight / Factory Replacement Sear Spring 
  • Enhanced / Reduced Weight Sear Spring
  • Firing Pin Spring
  • Firing Pin Safety Spring


Please note that we also sell guide rods for P320, P220. P226, P226 as well as various recoil and other tuning springs individually or as complete kits.  Please CLICK HERE.


*Discount pricing available for gunsmiths and dealers with volume purchases. Please contact us at for more details.


All triggers, hammers, springs or any other ignition gun parts are intended for installation only by a gunsmith or a qualified armorer.

INDIVIDUAL - Sig Sauer P-series Tuning Springs


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