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Introducing our tungsten weight kits for use with various Icarus Precision P320 aluminum grip modules.


These kits come in two variations.  You will need to select the appropriate kit for your grip module based on the channels that are present in your particular grip module.


Unlike many competing Tungsten Weight Kits all of our kits come with silicone which is needed to secure the rods in your grip module.


The kits are available in the following orientations:


- Three rods (TWO small, ONE large) Weight = 1.3oz / 36 grams


- Five rods (THREE large, TWO small) Weight = 2.9oz / 82 grams


Both kits ship with a tube of silicone for application into the top of the rod channels to secure them into place.  Only a small amount of silicone needs to be applied into the top of each channel AFTER seating the rods within the channels.

Icarus Precision Tungsten Weight Kits


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