Factory Shadow 2 Magazine catch - with BLACK button


This is a factory part that comes installed on Shadow 2.

Will fit: CZ 75, 85, SP-01, PCR, P01, Compact* ect.

(Shown here in Comapct, 75 SAO as well as SP-01 - last 3 images))



You cannot install this part in your CZ if you have currently a ROUND shape magazine catch (some older CZ 75 B and Compoact models) You musty have a PEAR-SHAPE magzine catch in your pistol currently if you want to upgrade to this Shadow 2 magazine catch


You can purchase buttoms in different colors (some are shown in the last image - HERE.


PLEASE NOTE - will NOT fit:

P07, P09, CZ 97, Tactical Sports, Tacxtical Sports Orange or Czechmate


Factory Shadow 2 Magazine catch - with factory BLACK button

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