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From the above drop-down menu you can purchase:

 - CZ COMPACT G10 grips "FOR MAGWELL" (Torx Screws are included)

 - CZ 75/85/75B/SP-01/SP-01 Shadow Factory magwell

 - Plus-2 Base Pads*

(Please read the IMPORTANT details about these necessary base pads below)


If your pistol comes with a lanyard loop, in order to install the magwell, you will either need to grind off the lanyard loop or swap your mainspring plug to one without the lanyard loop . (Please see image #2 above).


These are specially designed G10 grips for all CZ Compact models and are to be used ONLY WITH A MAGWELL. These grips have the same general shape as CZ Compact grips but are a little bit shorter so they can accommodate the magwell. CZ Compact pistol frames have the same width as full size CZ75/85 pistols and therefore take the same CZ 75/85 Magwells. (Manufactured by LOK Grips for Armory Craft).


These grips will fit: CZ 75 COMPACT, PCR, P-01, P-02, CZ 75 Compact Shadow Line models ONLY when a magwell is being used. Will also fit Canik / Tristar 55, P100, C100, T100 but also ONLY when a magwell is being used. Will not fit Rami models.


You can use a 14, 15 and 16 round magazines with this setup, but please note that you MUST use specific ARMORY CRAFT base pads that are designed to be used with factory magwells. If you use Plus-Capacity base pads from other manufacturers, there is a chance that the magazine will not fully lock. We designed our base pads to be just a bit narrower so they will properly lock-in when a magwell is being used.  We offer these pads on this page in the drop-down menu.


When a 16rd magazine is used with this Plus-2 base pad your capacity will increase to 18+1 and there will be a small gap and about 2-3mm of the magazine will be visible (Image #3 above). When using 14 or 15 rd magazines, your capacity with Armory Craft Plus-2 base pad will increase to 16+1 and 17+1 respectively (Image #4 above). In this case the magazine will be tucked a little deeper, there will be no gap and the magazine tube will not be visible.


These special size "Compact Grips for Magwell" CANNOT be used on any Full Size CZ 75 / Shadow / Tactical Sports pistols.

CZ 75 COMPACT G10 Grips - "For MAGWELL"


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