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CZ 75 Base Pad - 'PLUS 1' - ONLY for 15/17 rd. magazines

- to be used on guns WITHOUT a magwell

Will NOT fit properly on 14rd, 16rd and 18 rd CZ or MecGar magazines


This base pad WILL work on 10 round restricted magazines as long as they are either pinned or otherwise internally restricted  - BUT started off as original 17 or 15 rd CZ/MecGar magazines. This base pad WILL NOT work on 10 round magazines that have a large plasic 'plug' on the bottom. (Please see the last image in the above image gallery)


  • This 'PLUS 1" magazine pad is to be used specifically on 17rd  MecGar or Shadow 2 magazines on all CZ full size guns
  • To be used WITHOUT a magwell
  • Will increase capacity to 18rds. on 17rd magazines and 16rds. on 15rd magazines.
  • This magazine pad will NOT lock the magazine if used with a magwell
  • Will fit Shadow 2, Shadow 1, SP-01, 75 B, 85, or any other FULL size CZ 75 
  • Will also work on all CZ Compact models (Compact, PCR, P-01 etc) as long as they are used with 15 round magazines. However, the use of these pads on compact 15 rd magazines will leave a 3 mm gap between the bottom of the magazine and the frame. While the pads will add Plus one capacity to the 15 rd magazines in compact sized CZ's and function, be aware that they will have that gap.
  • Will NOT work with CZ 97, CZ 75 Tactical Sports, TS2 or Czechmate magazines !

CZ 75 Base Pad - 'PLUS 1' - BLACK - For Full Sized 17rd CZs -NO MAGWELL

$39.95 Regular Price
$34.95Sale Price

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