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- Armory Craft P365 COMP Slide with RMSc Optics Cut - xMacro Style

These slides are stylistically based on the SIG P365 Spectre / P365 X-Macro and have a built-in compensator in the slide, which significantly reduced the felt recoil. No need to spend $$$ on the whole gun from SIG. Modify your existing P365 and just get the slide from Armory Craft which has much more elaborate and detailed machining than the P365 Spectre comp.


Available in two diffrent finishes:

  • Matte Stainless Steel
  • Black Nitride/QPQ (over Stainless Steel)


IMPORTANT - Please read:

- Sorry, NO COUPONS can be used for this item

- No International Shipping

(If a coupon is used, the order will be cancelled and will have to be re-submitted. Thank you.)


Compatible with ALL P365 models - P365, P365 XL, P365 SAS, P365X

All slides are CNC machined out of a solid billet of stainless steel.

  • "Bare Slide Only" - sights, barrel & other internal parts NOT included
  • To be used ONLY with a 'regular P365' non-threaded 9mm barrel (3.1") and P365XL/P365 X-Macro - Recoil spring assembly.
  •  This slide share the same dovetail cuts as any factory SIG slides and will accomodate any factory SIG sights.
  • Our slides share the latest SIG factory updates and use the correct current version extractor (please see the image above)



  • Optic Cut allows mounting of red dot without removal of rear sight
  • Optic cut is compatible with the SIG Romeo Zero, Holosun HS407K, 507K & Shield RMSc.
  • Optic cut cover plate and plate screws are included
  • CNC machined out of a solid billet of stainless steel.
  • We also offer P365 XL Skeleton Slides (last 2 pictures in the above image gallery). Please CLICK HERE.

Armory Craft P365 COMP Slide with RMSc Optics Cut - P365 xMacro Style

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