Armory Craft - Plus Zero - CZ 75 Aluminum Base Pad - BLACK

Designed specifically only for 16rd and 14rd CZ magazines!

Replace those cheap looking thin metal plates or often times not properly fitting plastic or rubber factory base pads that leave a much larger gap than needed. These high quality base pads are made ot of billet aluminum and assure a perfect fit without the large gap that some factory base pads give. CNC-machined from billet aluminum, anodized.



- 16 round magazines for any full size CZ 75, 85, Shadow SP-01 or Shadow 2 pistols or

- 14 ound magazines for CZ P-01,PCR and any other CZ Compact.

(Will also fit 15 and 17 round magazines but will leave a larger gap.)

Armory Craft - Plus Zero - 16/14rd - CZ 75 Aluminum Base Pad - BLACK

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